Международный союз книголюбов

Международный союз общественных объединений книголюбов –
правоприемник и наследник Всесоюзного добровольного общества
любителей книги (ВОК), образованного в октябре 1974 года

"Во имя и во славу книги!"
107031, Россия, г. Москва, ул. Пушечная 7/5, стр.2
EXLIBRIS MUSEUM, InteriorRussian State LibraryMuseum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus Museum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus
Museum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus, GardenMuseum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus, GardenMuseum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus, GardenMuseum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus, Garden
Museum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus, GardenMuseum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus Museum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus, EntranceRussian State Library
Russian State Library, InteriorRussian State Library, InteriorRussian State Library, InteriorRussian State Library, Interior
Russian State Library, Museum


            For those attending the XXXVI FISAE Congress in Vologda, the International Union of Bibliophiles and Exlibris Museum in Moscow has arranged a special bookplate program from 19-21 August 2016 at the Exlibris Museum in Moscow.
Arrive early in Russia and take advantage of all or any part of the program.

Музей экслибриса19 August:

12:00-19:00. Reception of Congress participants at the Exlibris Museum.

            The address of the Exlibris Museum is ul. Pushechnaia, 7/5, Moscow – very close to The Kremlin. The closest underground station is: Kuznetskii Most and/or Lubianka.

Exlibris Museum and Mimiature books Museum was founded in 1991. The collection of the Exlibris Museum contains Russian and Foreign bookplates of the XVIII, XIX, XX and XXI centuries. It has rare exlibris collection of the XIX century of Russian famous artists such as Leon Bakst, Konstantin Somov, Alexandre Benois, Boris Kustodiev and many others. Also tsar`s (royal) bookplates.
Miniature books Museums has more than 7 000 miniature books on different subjects among them manuscripts of the XVIII and XIX century and unique micro books (the size of 0,6x0,6 mm).  

1. View exlibris exhibition.

2. Lecture “History of Russian bookplate”

3. Excursions around the Exlibris Museum and Miniature books Museum (in English)

4. Books and exlibrises for sale. Exchange of exlibris.

5. Buffet snacks.

No charge for entrance.
Organizer: International Union of Bibliophiles, Exlibris Museum.

РГБ20 August:

12:00-14:00. Visit to Russian State Library, with excursion.
Chargeable entrance.

The Russian State Library is the national library of Russia,  located in Moscow.  It is the largest in the country and the fourth largest in the world for its collection of books (17.5 million). It was named the V.I. Lenin  State Library of the USSR from 1925 until it was renamed in 1992 as the Russian State Library.
The library has over 275 km of shelves with more than 43 million items, including over 17 million books and serial volumes, 13 million journals, 350 thousand music scores and sound records, 150,000 maps and others. There are items in 247 languages of the world, the foreign part representing about 29 percent of the entire collection.
Between 1922 and 1991 at least one copy of every book published in the USSR was deposited with the library, a practice which continues in a similar method today, with the library designated by law as a place to hold a "mandatory" copy of every publication issued in Russia.

Assemble at main entrance to the Museum of the Book, Russian State (formerly Lenin) Library
Address: ul.Vozdvizhenka, dom 3/5. Underground station: Biblioteka im. Lenina.

15:00.  Opening of Exlibris Exhibition at the “Gallery on Kuznetskii Most”  
(one block from the Exlibris Museum),

Exhibition: “Small forms of graphics and exlibris”

The exhibition "Small forms of graphics and Exlibris" consists of works of modern artists of the association "Moscow Estamp". The main part of the exhibition consists of small forms of graphics which are well combined with the art of bookplate.
Moscow Estamp artists have always been inspired to new researches in different creative trends by Ex-libris. Among them are such well-known and outstanding artists of the last 50 years as Gury Zakharov, Illarion Golitsyn, Anatoly Borodin. In its origin printed graphics was a book illustration, and that is why its connection with Ex-libris is organic and indissoluble.
In Latin phrase "Ex libris... ", means "from the books of... ", that is why it is closely connected with the history of book printing both in Western Europe and in Russia.
However, Ex-libris did not remain invariable: fashion trends of the era, personal preferences and tastes of the owners and technical means of printing had an impact on its appearance. This process did not stop nowadays and it can be seen in the works of modern artists, such as S. Gonkov, Y. Kosmynin, V. Scherbinin, O. Bogomolova, N. Devisheva, A. Moshkova, B. Kostrominin and others. The basis of their creations is formed by such Moscow Exlibris artists as V. Frolov, G. Kravtsov, F. Konstantinov, V. Pavlov, whose names are well known, and taken as examples.

Address: Kuznetskii most, 20.

Buffet snacks.
No charge for entrance.
Organizer: International Union of Bibliophiles and Moscow Union of Artists, Section of Graphics and Prints

Остафьево21 August:

09:00.  Excursion to Museum/Stately Home Ostafevo – Russian Parnasus (20 kilometers from Moscow), the estate of P. A. Viazemsky and his descendants, where the great eighteenth Russian historian, N. M. Karamzin, lived and worked (2016 marks the 250th anniversary of his birth). Alexander Pushkin visited this estate on several occasions, as did other key figures of the Golden Age of Russian poetry. Included in the excursion is a special tour of Ostafevo, featuring a Russian tea with pirogi.
Organizer: International Union of Bibliophiles and Museum/Stately Home Ostafevo.

COST: 2,500 rubles.

Payable upon arrival, but please register your intention to participate by e-mail in advance at: knigoluby@mail.ru

This price includes the excursion at the Russian State Library and the visit to Ostafevo. All other events are without charge.


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