Международный союз книголюбов

Международный союз общественных объединений книголюбов –
правоприемник и наследник Всесоюзного добровольного общества
любителей книги (ВОК), образованного в октябре 1974 года

"Во имя и во славу книги!"
107031, Россия, г. Москва, ул. Пушечная 7/5, стр.2
lazar Katia, Belarus, X3Jussara Pires, Brasil, X1Usupova Djannat, Russia, C3Yampolskaya Elizaveta, Russia, C4
Kalimova Agelina, Russia, X3Leonova Angelina, Russia, X3Ardamirova Leyla, Russia, X3Rakhmachev Maksim, Russia, X3
Mukhina Nataliya, Russia, X3Isaeva Mariya, Russia, X3Savelieva Mariya, Russia, X3Larina Diana, Russia, X3
Mutigullina Suria, Russia, X3Rigova Nadejda, Russia, X3Olivanova Polina, Russia, X3Nesen Viktoria, Russia, X3
Derboyan Irina, Russia, C3C5Belova Arina, Russia, X3Avakyants Anna, Russia, X3Zaviyalova Anastasiya, Russia, X3
Mavrina Regina, Russia, X3Mikhaylova A, Russia, C3Pravosudova margarita, Russia, X3Eremeeva Mariya, Russia, X3
Stepanycheva Sofiya, Russia, C3C5X3Sacheveretov Daniil, Russia, C3C5Sacheveretov Daniil, Russia, X1Utinskaya Alina, Russia, C4X3
Demina Juliya, Russia, X3Terentieva Ekaterina, Russia, C3colSerebryakova Tatiana, Russia, C3C5Saidov Djamaldin, Russia, C3
Rustamova Zeynab, Russia, C3C5
Bydunova Anna, Russia, X3Akimova Veronika, Russia, C3Dementieva Mariya, Russia, X3SP. Sabirova Elvira, Russia, X3
SP. Sabirova Elvira, Russia, X3SP. Ryabova Svetlana, Russia, C3C5SP. Churakova Ekaterina, Russia, C3C5SP. Soldatenko Anastasiya, Russia, X3
SP. Sakova Kristina, Russia, C5SP. Sakova Kristina, Russia, C3SP. Rovenskaya Anastasiya, Russia, C5SP. Rovenskaya Anastasiya, Russia, C3
SP. Prosvirnina Valentina, Russia, C3C5 SP. Platonova Olga, Russia, C3C5SP. Pelevin Aleksey, Russia, C3C5SP. Pegushina Irina, Russia, C3
SP. Nikonova Anastasiya, Russia, C3C5SP. Natertysheva Darya, Russia, X2SP. Kukushin Dmitriy, Russia, C3C5SP. Kotelnikova Ludmila, Russia, L1
SP. Komarova Karina, Russia, C3C5SP. Isaycheva Evgeniya, Russia, C3C5SP. Zykina Alena, Russia, C3SP. Juravleva Juliya, Russia, C3C5
SP. Jukova Kristina, Russia, C3C5SP. Grishanova Juliya, Russia, C3C5SP. Gorb Anna, Russia, C3C5SP. Gileva Juliya, Russia, C3C5
SP. Vlasov Sergey, Russia, C5SP. Vlasov Sergey, Russia, C3SP. Vinokurova Elena, Russia, C3SP. Vaganova Maria, Russia, C3
SP. Vaganova Maria, Russia, C3C5SP. Bannykh Aleksandra, Russia, C3C5Sherbakova Ekaterina, Russia, C3Shurmelev Fedor, Belarus, C5
Shurmelev Fedor, Belarus, C3Shurmelev Fedor, Belarus, C3Shvedova Anastasiya, Belarus, X3Shakirova Elvira, Russia, X3
Cherenovich Kristina, Russia, C3C5Chebuinova Elena, Russia, C3Holodilova Elizaveta, Russia, C3C5Haliulina Oksana, Russia, X3
Firstov Maksim, Russia, X3Utsen Matilde, Denmark, C5Utsen Matilde, Denmark, C5Temnichenko Varvara, Russia, X3
Stepanov Denis, Kazakhstan, X3Solodilov Fedor, Russia, C3Svakhina Viktoriya, Russia, X3Salimon Veleriya, Russia, X3
Salimon Veleriya, Russia, X3Salakhova Alena, Russia, C3C5Renkova Ekaterina, Russia, S1Ratslav Tatiana, Russia, X3
Pautikova Anastasiya, Russia, C3Novoselskaya Anastasiya, Russia, X3Naumova Darya, Russia, C3Naumova Darya, Russia, X3
Natertysheva Darya, Russia, X3Mkhitoryan Susanna, Russia, C3 Mikhaylova Tatiana, Russia, L1Mikhaylova Tatiana, Russia, L1
Marinkovich Zlata, Russia, X3Marinkovich Zlata, Russia, X3Malysheva Margarita, Russia, X3Malysheva Margarita, Russia, X3
Magomedova Hadizhat, Russia, C3C5Krutova Anastasiya, Russia, C3Krutova Anastasiya, Russia, C3Kotelnikova Ludmila, Russia, X1
Kotelnikova Ludmila, Russia, C3Kotelnikova Ludmila, Russia, C3Kotelnikova Ludmila, Russia, L1Komissarova Anna, Russia, X3
Kiriluk Juliya, Russia, C3C5Kamenskaya Valeriya, Russia, C3C5Kalugin Andrey, Russia, X3Isaycheva Evgeniya, Russia, C3C5
Zakharova Olga, Russia, X3Zabirova Regina, Russia, X3Juravleva Sophiya, Russia, X3Dolmatov Bogdan, Russia, C3C5 col
Demina Juliya, Russia, X3Demidova Marina, Russia, X2Degtyareva Anastasiya, Russia, X3 Degtyareva Anastasiya, Russia, X3
Guseva Juliya, Russia, X3Guseva Ekaterina, Russia, X3Guseva Ekaterina, Russia, X3Gomes Elena, Spain, CGD
Gafarova Diana, Russia, X3Gafarova Viktoriya, Russia, X3Volodina Sofiya, Russia, X3Vershinina Elena, Russia, C3C5 col
Burobina Arina, Russia, X3

Russian Ex libris Association (MSK), Ex libris Museum of MSK has the honour to invite you to participate in the Fourth International Ex libris Competition for Young Artists. The Competition will be hold from February 2017 to the 1-st of May 2018 under the auspices of FISAE.  The Fourth International Ex libris Competition for Young Artists is an open Competition. Its purpose is to awake interest in ex libris and its traditional technique among students and young artists from high schools, colleges and universities.

The First, the Second and the Third International Students Exlibris Competition were hold in 2011, 2013 and 2015.  As a result exhibitions were organized in St Petersburg (2011), Moscow (2013) and Vladimir (2015). Catalogues have been published.

Participants of these Competitions were students and young artists from more than 30 countries and 70 regions of Russia. The success of the competitions was large due to the support provided by FISAE, members of the FISAE board were also members  of the international jury of this competition.
In 2017, The International exlibris competition for young artists will be held again.


Works submitted for the Competition shall have the ex libris function, i.e. they shall include the words “EX LIBRIS” (or its substitute) integrally related to the composition field and dedication consisting of full first name and surname of the owner or name of institution. In case of initials or abbreviations, please provide their full versions on the ex libris reverse. The motif of the works is not limited. The topic is free!

The competition is open to works submitted by the authors from all nationalities. Participants should be aged from 16 till 26. The participation in the competition is free.

Techniques admitted
All graphic techniques are admitted. The works shall be created in the years 2015-2018.  

Computer designed ex libris will be nominated separately and will get a special award.

Size of paper and printing
The paper used for printing must not be bigger than 210х290 mm

The printed part must not be bigger than 150x150 mm

Ex libris should not be framed as this will be done by the organizers.

Number of Ex Libris to be sent
Each participant may submit up to a maximum of six (6) different Ex Libris. Each Ex Libris must be sent with two (2) copies; each one must be signed or initialled by the artist. On the back of each Ex Libris, the following must be written in pencil: the title, the technique used, the year of execution, the measure of the print, full versions of initials or abbreviations used,  the artist’s name and surname, and nationality (in English).

Participants of competition should send electronic versions of their works for edition of the catalogue (not less than 300DPI) (e-mail: knigoluby@mail.ru) and to fill the application form of the participant (in English), which may be downloaded from the Organizer`s website: www.knigoluby.ru

Ways of sending the Ex Libris

The Ex Libris must be sent inside a solid and waterproof package, with the words “DO NOT

BEND” written on the envelope (or small package), by means of a registered letter or an insured

letter. Inside the package, the application form must be enclosed, filled out in a readable way, and with the postal address and e-mail of the author together with a brief curriculum indicating education and professional training.

If the sending is done by means of a single shipment but containing the works of two or more artists, each participant must fill in and sign the attached application form, which implies the participation in the competition and the acceptance of the regulations.

Deadline for acceptance

The envelope containing the Ex Libris must be received no later than 1 Juni 2018. The works received after the designated deadline will not be considered for the Competition.

Delivery address

The shipment must be made to the following address:

Exlibris Museum

Pushechnaya ST. 7/5

Moscow, Russia


Transfer of the rights to use the Ex Libris received

The material submitted for the contest will not be returned and will remain property of Moscow Exlibris Museum and  International Union of Social Associations of Bibliophiles (MSK), which will be allowed to use them freely and without having to ask permission for its cultural activities.

By participating in the contest, the artist transfers all rights of publication and reproduction with traditional and multimedia techniques of the Ex Libris sent to Moscow Exlibris Museum and  International Union of Social Associations of Bibliophiles (MSK), as well as the rights to use them for exhibitions.

Publication of the Ex Libris

The Ex Libris will be gathered in a catalogue containing the works by the prizewinning and selected artists as well as those awarded an Honourable Mention, except the nonselected and the excluded by the technical panel. The artists included in the publication will be given a free copy.


It will be given:

1. Three awards for successful execution of traditional technique.

First prize 500 euro

Second prize 300 euro

Third prize 200 euro

2. Special award for designing Ex Libris on the topic: “Pushkin Ex Libris” (reflecting the works of Pushkin in Ex Libris) using traditional technique - 200 euro

3. Award for computer design ex libris 100 euro

4. Special diplomas will be awarded 10 laureates of the contest.

All winners will receive their awards personally, by post or bank accounts.

More details can be found at www.knigoluby.ru


 Application form


Russia 2018






E-mail: _______________________________________________________

Brief biography_________________________________________________




Lists of exlibrises:






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